Are You Searching for Wholesale Mulch?

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When you need wholesale mulch for your project, look no further than Lenahan Land Clearing & Grinding Inc. All mulch for sale is made by our team. Whether you need one yard or 100 yards, you can trust our team to fill your order promptly.

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Find the right mulch for your outdoor project

Find the right mulch for your outdoor project

We have a variety of mulch for sale. Choose from the following:

  • Natural mulch: Our natural mulch is free of chemicals.
  • Fine ground playscape mulch: This option is ideal for outdoor playgrounds.
  • Connecticut cedar mulch: Say goodbye to pesky ticks and mosquitos and hello to a nice smelling yard.
  • Colored mulch: Add variety to your garden with our red, black or brown options.
We also have screened topsoil available.

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